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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Restaurants in Korea

Seoul guides are full of great restaurants and it would be impossible for me to list all the places where I enjoyed fantastic food since 1991 : Seoul one of the best cities in the world for affordable delicious meals (starting from street food and market snacks, and all the way up to the usual upscale suspects). Unfortunately, I lost most of the cards I picked up (if any) after such moments of bliss. Besides, I'm too lazy to dig into my porous memory. Furthermore, some joints may have closed or turned into one of those ugly high rise tombstone appartment buildings. So every now and then I write something down on this excuse for a site. Those lucky ones are not necessarily the best spots (except for The Gaon, of course).

Feel free to leave a comment, an update or a recommendation. But don't sue me if you get sick, lost or both.

You can browse all the posts with the label "
restaurant", and I'll try to update the list below once in a while. Follow the links for those which already have a place in Seoul Village (again, this is not a best of) :

Seoul :

Gangwon-do :

Busan :
  • in HAEUNDAE-GU : Nampoong (Chinese)
Chungcheongnam-do :
Gyeonggi-do :
  • in ANSAN city: Dieu Hien Quan (Vietnam)
  • in BUCHEON city: Harbin Lu (Chinese)
  • in GOYANG city: Hwangchi Jeguk (kalguksu, pork)
  • in HANNAM city : Mabang Jip
  • in PAJU city : Sandeullae

Gyeongsangnam-do :

Incheon :

  • in JUNG-GU : Gonghwachun (Chinese) - Mandabok Jjajangmyeon (Chinese)


  • Aseowon (Chinese), Jeju Seomun Susan (sashimi), Seoul Guksu Gagae (sundubu)
Jeollanam-do :

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