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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Huddled masses yearning to breathe free

Seoul is inviting pedestrians to enjoy a break from freezing winds under bus stops wrapped with plastic walls, a Winter equivalent to the wide parasols local authorities positioned at main crossroads last Summer.

Last Summer, multiplied wide parasols to protect pedestrians at crossroads. This winter, it dressed bus stations with plastic walls to give them shelter from bitter cold: (20181216 -
Comment by @JeffreyNMeade (20181216): 'I saw parasols in Seocho-gu decorated like Christmas trees. Appreciated them I The summer, and nice that they are being used in the off-season.'
Nice touches, in a city prone to extreme weather (over 40 celsius last July, averages well under 10 below zero in February 2011).

Yes, the shade of a parasol may not be as refreshing as that of a tree, and plastic walls may not be the most eco-friendly material, but that's an improvement from shops leaving the air con on with their doors fully open, or heated benches at outdoor bus stops.

The question is: with what will Seoul come up to cope with bad air quality? For the commoners who dared come out without their 99.999 filter masks?

And even when we think we're protected, how about these nefarious nano-particles we keep carrying on our heads and clothes (when we forgot our space suits complete with helmets and oxygen tanks), before shedding / sharing them wherever we go next (very high concentration in subways)?

Decontamination tents, that's what I bet will come next at a subway entrance near you.

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