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Monday, July 1, 2019

A small step for CVID, a giant leap for Trump's ego... and North Korea's propaganda

ICYMI, from Kim-Xi to Kim-Trump-Moon, one week without crossing red lines.
=> Watch as a Twitter moment ('DMZero Progress')

'Strategic patience 2.0: Kim Jong-un tells Xi Jinping he'll be patient with Trump..." (20190622 -
'Kim Jong-un post-summit blues: "ain't no Sunshine when Xi's gone" (20190622 -

'P.S. I love you. Donald' (20190623 -

'Will Trump visit the DMZ next week? Will he meet his pen friend Kim Jong-un?' (20190623 -

'Exclusive - what Donald Trump wrote to Kim Jong-un' (20190624 -
'So we've got the answer to the first question: Trump will visit the DMZ. For the second one (Trump Kim Summit III?): Kim Jong-un's mention of DJT's 'courage' after reading his (RSVP?) letter could be a clue...' (20190624 -
'Unsurprisingly, Trump tweeted that he'd like to shake hands with Kim Jong-un at DMZ.... Expect a Moon Jae-in moment when both walk for a second on the North Korea side.' (20190629 -
'We should call them #TrumKimHandshakes, not #TrumpKimSummit. #AllFoamNoBeer' (20190629 -

'Trump strategy at the DMZ:
1 shake hands with Kim Jong-un
2 say hello
3 chat about the weather and my beautiful tweets
4 step on the other side of the MDL
5 photo ops
6 zero progress, #NorthKorea #winning

#ArtOfTheDealapidation' (20190629 -
'Watch out, Jared! Here's Harvanka - @USAmbROK' Ivanka Trump - Harry Harris (20190629 -
'Please, don't forget to wash after your courageous VX handshake!' (20190629 -
'Trump: Obama was begging to meet Kim Jong-un. In his dreams. Trump Kim Summit' (20190630 -
'#MoonJaein qualifies the dismantling of #Yongbyon #nuclear facility as the beginning of 'Irreversible' (#Denuclearization). But it wouldn't add a C or an actual I to #cvid' (20190630 -
'To the journos at #CheongWadae: does #Trump's US to Korean translator wear a #MAGA hat? Sure sounds like she does.' (20190630 -

'Choppers heading north... Trump Kim Summit' (20190630 -
'Shortly after 5~6 choppers left from downtown (above), at least 4 flew from #Yongsan. #MoonJaein joined the #DMZ ahead of #Trump for #TrumpKimSummit' (20190630 -
'The spaghetti western moment when #Trump & #KimJongun will walk to the demarcation line...' (20190630 -

'Trump realizes how close to the DMZ Seoul is...' (20190630 -
'Trump receives a golf gift. Not something to club Kim Jong-un to death with, mercifully.' (20190630 -
'Trump abducted' (20190630 -

'Kim Jong-un interviewed on the other side' (20190630 -
'We'll invite him right now to the White House' - Trump about Kim Jong-un (20190630 -
'#YTN caught the threesome #MoonJaein #KimJongun #DonaldTrump' (20190630 -
'#Trump confirmed he'll invite #KimJongun to the #WhiteHouse. With a #MAGA hat or a #Trump2020 cap? Anyway made in #China...' (20190630 -
'#KimJongun totally running the show. #Trump's passive body language speaks volumes. No plans beyond shaking hands and inviting KJU to DC.' (20190630 -
'OMG. #Javanka in the room with #Trump & #KimJongun!' (20190630 -
'I love the smell of VX in the morning' (20190630 -
'What a Barnum. Even by #Trump standards. Journos not contained at all, positioned at the last moment, 3 heads of state thrown in the newsfeed frenzy...' (20190630 -
'#Trump #WhiteHouse's guestbook: #KimJongun's signature to join among others, #MBS', #alSisi's... Make Amerika Great Again
#ArtOfTheDealapidation' (20190630 -
'Well isn't #TuckerCarlson the Secretary of #Trump Defense on Fox?' (20190630 -

'Talks restart. #Nuclear proliferation doesn't stop. #KimJongun #winning #ArtOfTheDealapidation #TrumpKimSummit' (20190630 -
'And they're back' (20190630 -

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