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Monday, July 9, 2007

Dog day afternoon

Shindang-dong - Jung-guDog Day Afternoon (Copyright Stephane MOT 2004)
Photo : "Dog Day Afternoon" (200406 Stephane MOT)

People selling dog meat don't like to be taken pictures of. These lads do an even less pleasant job : they raise and kill the said dogs.

You cannot see the animals. Only hear them cry and scream behind doors and walls.

Or you see them dead, as dog meat or "gaegogi". In a stew or on a counter. In a stew you cannot tell for sure (I actually had some once without knowing what it was), but on a counter there is no way of mistaking.


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A few memories from Korea :

These pixes are in low resolution because uploading originals would overload this poor website, and in low quality because I'm a poor photographer.

You may prefer great pictures by real photographers. For the forgotten people of Seoul, I recommend KIM Gi-chan, who caught the soul of the city during the sixties and seventies, and naturally CHOI Min-sik, Korea's great master from Busan.

Seoul Village 2007

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