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Monday, July 9, 2007


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ADDENDUM 20230226

A few shots from my series 'The People of Seoul' will be exhibited at KOTE's Joseon Salon during the "KOTE Potluck Art Festival 2023":

20070709 - INITIAL POST

A few memories from Korea :

These pixes are in low resolution because uploading originals would overload this poor website, and in low quality because I'm a poor photographer.

You may prefer great pictures by real photographers. For the forgotten people of Seoul, I recommend KIM Gi-chan, who caught the soul of the city during the sixties and seventies, and naturally CHOI Min-sik, Korea's great master from Busan.

Seoul Village 2007

ADDENDUM 201307: YouTube and Vimeo channels

. watch Seoul Village channel on YouTube
. watch my channel on Vimeo

- Noonbit Editions (in Korean only).
- Seoul Village's pixes at my place in that other village,, but that space is about to close
- Some pictures from Seoul come as illustrations for my book "dragedies", including the one in the header : "Consommables" ("consummables").

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