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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Korean Errlines

Thank you for flying our miserable Korean Errlines.

Well. "Flying" may sound a bit of a stretch: relevance-wise, Seoul Village has been grounded ever since its founding (make that ever since birth for the author). But that's the beauty of Seoul: you don't need to move to feel transported, the city changes before your very eyes at the speed of light. So don't fasten your seat belts, and don't expect oxygen masks to ever drop down, even in case of a loss of pressure. The closest thing to inflight catering we provide is, every now and then, a dull post mentioning vaguely some obscure food or eatery. Inflight entertainment? Sorry, you won't get any K-Pop: I love too much Korea and music to promote that. By the way: we don't provide sick bags either (our apologies to all our readers, particularly to English linguists). What else? This is a non-smoking site, but pencil chewing and fingernail biting are tolerated. And oh: exits are on your right, on your left, wherever you fancy, one click away.

Still there?

I know how it is. You can't shake Seoul off that easily. "You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave."

Anyway, you're doomed. All roads lead to Seoul Village (blogger, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and in some uncertain future, paper):

Seoul Village on the web :

Since January 2007, nonsensical posts about noncritical issues in non-English.

Seoul Village on Twitter: @seoulvillage

More inane stuff, but with a 140 character limit. Bonus: useless pictures.

Seoul Village on Facebook:

Frankly, this page Zucks.

Seoul Village on YouTube:

You're sick and tired of cute cats and good movies? You long for poorly shot videos without any purpose? That's the place. Or rather the places:

1) if you're masochistic enough to want to subscribe and to receive updates for all videos, you must reach my personal channel (, and the specific Seoul Village playlist where I upload all videos (

2) if you simply want to browse more conveniently, I just created a specific Seoul Village channel (, with thematic playlists and links to the relevant (figure of speech) article. It's a mirror site that sorts the Seoul Village videos uploaded on my personal channel, so subscribing to it won't keep you posted. The 6 initial playlists:
- Market: scenes from markets, street food stands...
- On the move: random scenes taken from a subway or a car
- On the spot: somewhere in the city
- Citizens: activism or political issues
- Innovation: tech friendly Korea
- Museum: teasers of past exhibitions

Seoul Village on paper

Seoul and I have been haunting each other for over two decades, and someday, I shall do something with the fictions that keep creeping up on me. A few have already been published in French, others in Seoul Writers anthologies, and I need to exorcise myself from more of them.

2020 UPDATE: here there are! 12 short stories from my fictional Seoul. Download "Seoul VillageS" for free on Google Play Books.

Seoul Village 2012
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