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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm tired of lecturing against Northeast Asian agent provocateurs. Sorry about my ranting streak, but hatemongers from all horizons had their festival this month: xenophobia!, revisionism!, creationism!, from Korea!, from Japan!, from China!...

I really long for more positive vibes. And today, I'll attend an Asia Institute seminar* about the Great Green Wall of China and the fight against desertification. A spectacular initiative, much less controversial that the utterly pinocchioesque Greater Wall of China.** It will be interesting to listen to a Korean point of view, maybe a parallel with Korea's massive reforestation under Park Chung-hee. Anyway the timing of the seminar is perfect: following a record breaking drought, Korea is about to enter its rainy season (which could be nasty - soils are so dry they could be washed away).

To fully relax, I'll listen to this lecture recently given at The Korea Society: Professor of Korean Studies at Brigham Young University, Dr. Mark Peterson talks about the representation of filial piety in the literature and in the paintings of the Joseon Dynasty.

Honor Thy Parents: Filial Piety in Chosŏn Literature from The Korea Society on Vimeo.

Environment, culture, respect... let's hope we're starting a more positive streak.
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* 6:30PM at GCS HQs - featuring Ambassador Byong Hyon Kwon, President of Future Forest and former Korean Ambassador to China, and Dr. Kwak Sang Soo, Senior researcher, Korea Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology - moderated by Emanuel Pastreich, Director of the Asia Institute.
** see "Still no apology from MBC, and more provocations on the Chinese front"

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