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Friday, July 24, 2009

Seoul Village Movies

Let's start with my favorite trio. Three brilliantly directed masterpieces with a dose of dark humor and great acting performances :

- "The President's Last Bang" (그때 그사람들 - 2005 - directed by IM Sang-soo). A non-politically correct tour de force, featuring an amazing Baek Yoon-sik as KCIA Director Kim Jae-kyu.

- Memories of murder" (살인의 추억 - 2003 - directed by BONG Joon-ho). Se7en meet Dumb and Dumber. You've got to love the Song Kang-ho / Kim Roe-ha duet... and respect Bong for this incredible jewel.

- "Old Boy" (올드보이 - 2003 - directed by PARK Chang-wook).
A great director in total control + a great actor (Choi Min-sik) in full swing = the climax in Park Chang-wook vengance trilogy (after the excellent "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" of 2002, and before the much duller "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" of 2005).

BONG Joon-ho's 'Gisaengchung'.

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