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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jongno Chapssal Sundae at Seosomun Apt

Welcome to one of my favorite buildings in Seoul.

Located in the Southeastern tip of the Chungjeongno-Uijuro-Seosomunno triangle,
Seosomun Apateu has long been snubbed by official city maps because no building is supposed to exist here. Tenants actually don't own any piece of land, as is usually the case in an appartment complex. Seosomun Apt does exist, and the police doesn't seem to mind: they're right next door.

This thin arch of concrete is even more surreal from the inside: every floor reminds me of the fabled 7 1/2th floor in 'Being John Malkovich". A bit over 5 feet 10, I'm not much of a giant but here, I bump everywhere.

The nearby level crossings add to the odd atmosphere, more welcoming now that the sidewalks have been colored in red. An ideal place to enjoy a snack. Why not at Jongno Chapssal Sundae? Here, in the middle of the curve, you can keep an eye on the whole neighborhood while enjoying a decent sundaeguk.

Jongno Chapssal Sundae (restaurant)
Seosomun Apt, Migeun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, ROK
Tel : +82.2.312.5608

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201204 addendum: about the level crossings, check this recent video - the apt appears in the background ("Seosomun Level Crossing"

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