Friday, April 13, 2012

Seosomun Level Crossing

20 years ago, this level crossing was already an oddity in the heart of Seoul - even nowadays, I often wait deliberately for the next train, just to feel the vibes:

This is the intersection between Seosomunro and Uijuro (now Tongil-ro), Gyeongbu Line's final stretch until Seoul Station. Here, just a sling shot away from JoongAng Ilbo HQ or the French Embassy, hobos err between both sides of the overpass: Seosomun Park to the right, and to the left the charity where they can get a meal for free. In the background, one of my favorite buildings in Seoul: the amazing Seosomun Apateu (see "Jongno Chapssal Sundae at Seosomun Apt").
Seoul Village 2012
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