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Seoul Village - blogroll

This is by no means an exhaustive list (sorry to all the friends I haven't listed yet), but there you go.

Stephane (SeoulVillage)

Official websites:
. Seoul City
. Seoul Global Center
. Visit Seoul
. Visit Korea

Magazines for expats:
. Seoul Magazine (Seoul Selection)
. 10 Magazine
. Groove Korea
. ...

. Korea4Expats (expats)
. Korea Business Central (business, entrepreneurs)
. ...

Friends and neighbors:
. Asia Institute (Emanuel loves Asia, circles, and squares)
. Bobster's House (Robert loves walls)
. Chris in South Korea (Chris loves weird and wonderful Korea)
. Hello Korea (Almost Human would love to know)
. KoreaBang (loves to make the Korean web available to English speakers)
. Korean Literature in Translation (Charles loves Korean literature)
. The Marmot Hole (Robert loves Korea)
. Nojeok Hill (Steven loves Korean language and Ansan)
. Nothing to Envy (Barbara loves to reach beyond smokescreens)
. Seoul Eats (Daniel loves food)
. Seoul Sub-Urban (Charlie loves Seoul's subway stations)
. Seoul Writers Workshop (love to write and read)
. Three Wise Monkeys (love to speak, see, hear no evil)
. ZenKimchi (Joe loves food too)
. ...

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