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You're wondering why, right now, you're reading such inane and poorly written pages about Seoul and Korea? If this can reassure you: more than a few distinguished scholars, researchers, and journalists also happen to roam this excuse for a blog or even interview its author.

You're still angry? Hungry? Curious? Have your say, don't hesitate to chime in and to drop a comment.

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I'm a French author and conceptor with a weakness for fiction, satire, and nonsense, an unhealthy interest in strategy and innovation, and a bad case of hypergraphia.

If being French gives me the perfect alibi for my poor English, know that what I write in French is barely more legible. In both languages, Seoul remains my favorite and most inspiring character, and I don't hesitate to blur the lines between reality and fiction. I'm often into absurdist fiction, but reality can be absurd too, so don't be shocked if you bump into something weird along these lines.

On the Dr Jekyll side, I'm supposed to be an expert in strategy and innovation who graduated the ESSEC, served at the French Embassy in Seoul, and survived 3 start-ups before helping a major multimedia group reach the next stages... 

As for Mr Hyde, his silly stuff is all over the web, and at times in serious international newspapers and magazines (mentions, interviews, articles, opeds: Newsweek, International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Le Figaro, Rue89, Asia Times, Korea Herald, Korea JoongAng Ilbo...).

As a member of the Seoul Global Center Business Advisory Committee, I welcome all suggestions to make the city I love become even better.

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