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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Governance Leaks

I returned to Seoul right on time for the wettest season. Yes I'll quickly grow tired of it, but for the moment, it's good to feel some rain after a Paris under 41 Celsius and an extremely sunny - but always fabulous - Istanbul.

Also good to enjoy a sound doenjang jjigae after overdoses of delicious cheese and kofte.

40 degrees in Paris. How do we frogs fight the heat?
Why, with cheese of course!
(20150704 -

And finally, "good" to see that nothing has changed while I was away:
  • In South Korea, Samsung narrowly won the votes needed to pass the C and T - Cheil Industries merger. Elliott Management hasn't given up yet.
  • In Japan, Shinzo Abe won the non-vote for his war bill, bypassing democracy to force the restoration of militarism down the country's throat in spite of a majority opposing it (see "Japan taking a stand against ABEIGNomics?").
  • In North Korea, Kim Jong-un's regime won local elections with a 99.97% turnout, and a 100% approval rate. In total transparency, the dictator holds one ballot paper in each hand, just to make sure:
For Kim Jong-un like for any other dictator, elections are always a walk in the park (20150723 -

Democracy-wise, we're all EARS (East Asia Respiratory Syndrome).

Of course, Europe remains an even better model of governance. Note that one of the Europe in the Greek mythology gave birth to a few of the famous Danaides - you know, the young ladies who murdered their husbands, and have ever since been forced to fill with water a pierced jar.

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