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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Obama between toppling Japan and sunken-hearted Korea

As the new "pivot to Korea-Japan", Barack Obama must be bracing for a very special trip that will lead him to toppling Japan and sunken-hearted Korea.


The righting of capsized Korea has not started yet (see "Korea Upside Down"). And as divers recover one by one lifeless bodies from the Sewol, the nation starts thinking about the other victims of the tragedy: survivors with PTSD, relatives left without psychological assistance, that vice principal who took his own life... or even journalistic deontology*.

At the same time focusing on the present, reconstructing the past, and working on future improvements, Korea as a whole adopted a new timeline. Always on.

Non-stop coverage of Sewol tragedy means that if you're an announcer, your ad will be covered with sad updates and casualty countdowns
Meanwhile, across the East Sea, Japan remains on the verge of capsizing into the dark waters of "ABEIGNomics", under the helm of a Prime Minister who persists in methodically dishonoring the nation:

"Obama ponders Sewol tribute or altering trip. Meanwhile, Shinzo Abe sends flowers to Yasukuni... #ABEIGNomics"
As if a fascist** ruler wasn't disgraceful enough for poor Japan: dozens of pro-Nazi demonstrators paraded in Tokyo, waving Nazi and Rising Sun flags, praising Hitler, and denying the existence of the Holocaust. Far from arresting these outrageous fanatics, the police protected them all the way***...

"In ShinzoAbe Japan, police protects pro-Nazi demonstration"
No, the Japanese democracy cannot survive with governments that support war criminals and police that support Nazis. It's up to each citizen to take a stand and prevent the nation from sinking. Even if "Abenomics" were to fail and precipitate the end of this infamous PM, Japan cannot afford to postpone any longer its obligation to face history and to cleanse a political system corrupted by Imperial Japan loyalists.

Hopefully, from time to time, moderates speak up to defend the honor of the nation and to denounce the government's attacks on democracy and the peaceful post-war constitution. I'm glad to learn that 200,000 copies of this book were sold:

"'What happens if you change the Constitution?' bestseller denounces ABEIGNomics"
So how did the situation evolve since "The Tripartite Summitulacra" in The Hague? Clearly, one party seems to have recovered while the two others took serious hits:
  • Korea, as we see, is literally overwhelmed by the Sewol crisis.
  • Obama's foreign policy is under crossfire: not only the US failed to make a difference in Ukraine after Syria, but changes are demanded in the approach of Asia Pacific (see "Re-balancing the rebalance: resourcing U.S. diplomatic strategy in the Asia-Pacific region" - "A Majority Staff report prepared for the use of the Committee on foreign relations United States Senate" - 20140417). Again, John Kerry is not seen as involved as Hillary Clinton with the region.
  • Shinzo Abe simply bought time by accepting a first director-general meeting on Imperial Japan sexual slavery issues ahead of Barack Obama's visit. As expected, the meeting didn't solve anything. Bonus: Japanese lobbyists even managed to restore the "State Visit" status!
"Obama saves face of Emperor of Japan, not Shinzo Abe's: still 2-day only, but "State Visit" status
In this context, more will be expected from Barack Obama than sincere condolences**** or the nine Joseon seals to be returned to the Gyeongbokgung museum. And more than "unwavering friendship", we want to hear about unwavering principles. 

Again, the POTUS must stand for the victims of Imperial Japan sexual slavery system as a universal cause, not just by mentioning it as an issue to be settled between Japan and Korea because that's absolutely not the case: once and for all, Japan must chose between post-war peace and Imperial Japan revival.

And of course, North Korea will try its "best" to remain at the center of all discussions. As usual, ad nauseam:

"Ever the tactful KIM Jong-un: weird choice of photo op as Sewol tragedy unfolds"

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* see Kim Tong-hyung's "Media coverage on ship sinking has been pathetic" - whatever happened to the guidelines fixed by the Journalists Association of Korea following the 2003 attack of Daegu subway?
** again, I'm just telling it as it is: Shinzo Abe is a textbook (!) fascist - see all posts related to Shinzo Abe on Seoul Village, for instance "Saving Japan - Let's fall the Indecision Tree", "The Elusive Independence Day - When will Japan officially proclaim its Independence from Imperial Japan?", "Dear Japan, Please Say No To Abeignomics"...
*** see "日극우 "히틀러 기리자"… 나치旗 들고 도쿄시내 행진"(Chosun Ilbo - 20140421)
**** see "Statement by the President on the Tragic Ferry Sinking Off the Coast of the Republic of Korea" (Embassy of the United States in Seoul, Korea - 20140417)
On behalf of all the American people, Michelle and I send our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of the tragic ferry sinking off the coast of the Republic of Korea. The bonds of friendship between the American and Korean people are strong and enduring, and our hearts ache to see our Korean friends going through such a terrible loss, especially the loss of so many young students. South Korea is one of our closest allies, and American Navy personnel and U.S. Marines are already on the scene assisting with the search and rescue efforts. I’ve directed our military to provide any and all assistance requested by our Korean partners in the days ahead. As I will underscore on my visit to Seoul next week, America’s commitment to our ally South Korea is unwavering—in good times and in bad. As the Korean people deal with this heartbreaking tragedy, they will have the unending support and friendship of the United States.

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