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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: the first test shot taken from the first North Korean drone

South Korea recently found North Korean drones containing records of aerial views of such strategic sites as Cheong Wa Dae or NeNe Chicken farms. 

These high tech Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were built to avoid detection, with hand-painted cardboard recycled from a piñata, super 8 cameras, and elaborate engineless propulsion systems (forensics detected traces of Mentos and Coke). South Korean authorities don't know how many drones roamed the country, but each one was numbered.

A student found drone #1 on Yeouido while studying cherry blossoms and spring bottoms, and we managed to get the records (from the UAV, not the student's shameful snapshots). They include the first picture taken during the drone's maiden trial in a North Korean military facility.
We submitted this exclusive document to eminent Baekduologists:

Exclusive: the first test shot taken from the first North Korean drone

Experts overwhelmingly see a 2-ton missile, complete with a nuclear warhead and an activation button. Bolts look like they may have been fashioned in Pakistan, but the hairdo is definitely North Korean. 

On the second picture, which we submitted to the NIS (they seem to have lost it), alarming fumes rise from the warhead. From a tubular part branded Pyongyang Paeksan Tobacco, which leads to a Pakistan-DPRK JV, and may confirm the covert role of Abdul Qadeer Khan in North Korea's nuclear program.

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