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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Superpower failures

You've probably all seen this updated image of the Korean "peninsula" by night, taken from the International Space Station. It adds colors to previous versions, but the "island of Pyongyang" remains the biggest speck of light in South Korea's "North Sea":

Pyongyang-do by night (the Korean peninsula from the ISS, North Korea still dark)
picture and video link via @northkoreatech
(incl. link to the video below)

A closer look reveals that, in spite of global warming, more islets and rocks keep emerging around "Pyongyang-do".
  • According to Seoul (the blinding supernova radiating 120 miles South of Pyongyang), this archipelago officially belongs to the Republic of Korea. 
  • According to China's most radical group of revisionists (Northeast Project), the whole archipelago (which indeed, also includes South Korea) forms a perennial Province of the Middle Kingdom. 
  • According to the guys supposedly in charge of said islets, this archipelago is the only world superpower not only capable of kicking Uncle Sam's ass, but also capable of using nuclear power just to get his attention ("these grotesquely forged satellite pictures may fool you into believing that we're experiencing a power failure but to the contrary, our perfect control of energy consumption demonstrates the sustainability of our Juche regime").
  • According to the international community, this place should indisputably be called the Gulag Archipelago*.

Gravity (not the movie, but the situation in North Korea, not only electricity-wise)

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*  reminder: "North Korea, Beware - Rest Of The World, Be Aware"

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