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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Noodle road, from laghman to ramyeon

A couple of years ago, KBS aired a mouthwatering documentary : "Noodle Road", a travel across space, time, and culinary traditions (see trailer below).

In this acclaimed series, we saw how the Uyghurs created the World's first noodles. Nowadays, this Turkish ethnic people are more famous for being victim of oppression from the Chinese government**, but millenia ago, they invented this delicacy, which spread Eastwards but also Westwards, all the way to Sicily. The very name of Uyghur noodles, laghman, sounds like the origin of noodle names across Asia (for instance la mian, ramen, ramyeon).

I recently tasted
Uyghur food in Paris, and it's really unique. Even familiar dishes (ie samosa, lamb soup) have a very special flavor.

I hope Uyghur food will reach again Korean shores. A laghman booth at the next Seoul Friendship Fair ? A Uyghur restaurant someday in Dongdaemun Central Asian Village, who knows ?

Seoul Village 2011

* Noodle Road, the KBS trailer:

** the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is experiencing the same special treatment as Tibet.

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