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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ranju Ramien (Seoul)

Yes, your Honor, I came for a snack and eventually had a 5 p.m. dinner. But in my defense :

1. An excellent location, particularly after the removal of Hoehyeon Overpass (one more key downtown area claimed by pedestrians) : almost at the crossroad (Hoehyeon Sagori), opposite Shinsegae, on the way to Myeongdong and the Post headquarters.

2. Good food from a Chinese chef : knife-cut noodles (도삭면 - between sujebi and thick, large, uneven tagliatelle) in a soup (seafood, spicy...), gimchi boribap, bossam, buchu mandu, kalguksu...

3. Kind prices and super-kind service.

Do I feel guilty ? No, your Honor. Who would under such circumstances ?

Will I pledge never to commit this crime again ? Not recidivating would be a crime, your Honor.

Seoul Village 2009

Ranju Ramien / 란주라미엔 (restaurant)
1F, 25-9 Chungmuro-1ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, ROK
Tel : +82.779.4800

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