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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obok Shikdang (Namhae)

Gyeongsangnam-do, Namhae-gun, Namhae-eup, ROK (NAMHAE, ROK)
Obok Shikdang / 오복식당 (restaurant)
Tel : +82.55.864.7265 (?)

Actually, I'm not sure for the phone number. I caught this one months later on the web, after browsing old pictures of that crushingly hot summer day in Namhae. The name of the restaurant appears in a corner, on the wrong side of the window. I remember putting it there on purpose, in case.

From the start, we landed in this Obok Shikdang by accident or, as it turned out, out of blind luck. Looking for a place to eat in Namhae's market, we went to the only one that accepted us that late in the afternoon.

And had the most exquisite haemul doenjang jjigae ever.

This was not your usual doenjang jjigae flavored with seafood but a completely new experience altogether. A variety of outsanding "banchan" (side dishes) confirmed this memorable lunch.

The old owner was embarrassingly kind enough to walk us back to the market... and even helped us get good quality anchovies (멸치) from a merchant who kept proposing junk for export.

Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door...

SM 2008

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