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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Woo-Jeong Nakji (Seoul)

Their octopuss is so hot it may kill your foes or your microbs, but their light clam soup can help you survive another day.


Woo-Jeong Nakji / Ujeong Nakji / 우정낙지 (restaurant)
Seolin-dong 127, Jongno-gu, SEOUL, ROK
Tel : +82.2.720.7991

Photo "Octopus museum" (copyright Stephane MOT 2007)

Woo-Jeong Nakji's ugly old yellow-salmonishy building is the only one remaining in the area after the restoration of Cheonggyecheon. You simply can't remove such an institution overnight. Hell - if they can survive their own food these guys may even survive a nuclear attack.

I'm afraid bulldozers will eventually tear this Octopus Museum down and that day will be a sad one for Yours Truly.


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