Friday, July 5, 2013

My Seoul: mobile app for foreigners

Seoul Global Center announced* Seoul city's new free mobile app for foreign residents and entrepreneurs on Android and Apple Store.

It's still young (1000-5000 downloads on GooglePlay), but already sexier than the Dasan 120 app launched two years ago (see "Get the Dasan 120 mobile app!")... which basically never got updated ever since. But Dasan 120 remains a very convenient free hotline, and this new app naturally speed dials you there anytime you need help.

On this first version of "My Seoul", practical informations for expats are already available in 5 languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese - 3 more will follow: Cambodian, Tagalog and Mongolian), for the SGC's usual 'verticals' (education, visas, job info, counseling...). Maybe in further versions dynamic links and functions will be added - or for instance subway maps or links to online databases could help in the 'public transportation' chapter. Interactive / community solutions are included in the main menu, so let's see how they grow. Right now, the killer app could be the free international calls goodie.

I haven't tried everything yet, but please, dear fellow Seoulites, give it a shot: the more people try the application and give their feedback, the better. As usual, return on experience is key, and you could help hundreds of thousands of users.

My Seoul app on Android
My Seoul, the main menu: Seoul Life, Notice, Korean Edu, Chatting, Intl Call, Phone Book, 120 Dasan, Calc. pay, Invite Friend, ...

Seoul Life menu
My Seoul, the Seoul Life menu looks definitely less dynamic, but all basic answers are available in all the main Seoul Globla Center verticals

And don't forget the other free Seoul apps: iTourSeoul (Seoul Metropolitan Government), Seoul Walking Tours (Korea Tourism Organization)...

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* see "Smartphone App for Expats ‘My Seoul’"

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