Thursday, November 24, 2011

Get the Dasan 120 mobile app!

If you don't know Dasan Call Center yet you really miss something: you just have to dial 120 (then 9 for English - also available in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Mongolian) to enjoy all the free hotlines managed under the Seoul Global Center umbrella. A question about tourism, visa, immigration, drivers license, tax...? A complaint or a suggestion? Need a translator for your taxi? That's the place.

Reminder: SGC also operates 7 Seoul Global Village Centers to serve foreign communities at the local level, and provides free services to Foreign entrepreneurs (see "Invest in Seoul - Seoul is already investing in you!"). And it's opening a second business support center after the COEX SGBSC, in Yeouido this time.

Now the service is available on the go: Dasan 120 developped a smartphone application for Android Market and Apple App Store. To download it, look for Dasan Call or 다산콜 or 120다산콜센터.

The app may not be perfect (a few glitches need to be fixed), but it just started a few days ago. Only a hundred people have downloaded it, and SGC has an history of highly efficient collaborative dynamics. I'm pretty sure I will use it massively because it covers everything you need on a daily basis with a dong level of precision. And don't forget the other official apps, such as iTourSeoul ( or VisitKorea (KNTO).

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