Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Seoul Future Heritage Is In Our Hands

I recently* formulated the wish that Seoul opened a new dynamic museum to photography or video with "permanent collections of great Korean photographers, temporary exhibitions, and as tribute to the people of Seoul KIM Ki-chan revealed for generations to see in their daily lives, a large space devoted to photos taken by anonym citizens. At a time when human relations grow virtual, at a time when the whole city is captured thousands of time a day by its citizens and visitors for the whole world to see on social networks, Seoul has a duty to get real and to make something of all its fantastic cultural assets."

Of course I forgot to mention existing online initiatives, from Seoul Metropolitan Government towards its citizens (see for instance "Seoul from above : 40 years of archives soon available"), or the other way round, like on Wow Soul, where Seoulites can share pictures and videos from all over the city:

"Wow Seoul 2.0" - wow.seoul.go.kr

The focus is now on vanishing parts of the city, and the Seoul Future heritage campaign aims at collecting memories we don't want to be lost for good, asking the questions what is the future heritage in Seoul, which tangible and intangible memories will we pass to future generations?

The Seoul Future heritage campaign is on campaign.agora.media.daum.net/seoulfuture
Among the most outstanding tangible memories are the kind of landmarks we've mentioned in "Hoehyeon Apt, Chungjeong Apt, Dongdaemun Apt, Ogin Apt...", around "Seosomun Level Crossing" and Seosomun Apt, or "Sungwoo Barbershop, Malli-dong Market" - places like this Seochon's Blue House:

But each citizen has its own memories of places, people or moments to share about countless endangered or already extinct Seoul villages...

Seoul Village 2013
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* see "SeMA Nowon: better than Gauguin", which echoed "A thousand villages, a thousand memories - Seoul Photo Festival 2012"

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