Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A rice paddy on Gwanghwamun Square ?

Undeterred by the first official radioactive rain on the Korean capital (nothing serious according to the authorities*), Jongno-gu's Mayor proposed to install rice paddies at Gwanghwamun Square.

Enough to harvest significant volumes of rice, but more certainly enough to boost the Mayor's well-being-tree-hugging profile. Nothing new under the sun : a couple of years ago, French farmers would install a fake wheat field on Paris' Champs Elysees. And every year, wine is made from the city's last grape vines in Montmartre. Furthermore, Jongno-gu has already "produced" some rice in pots along Sajikno (was it last year or the one before ?), but the water didn't remain clean very long.

Just for the beauty of it, why not ? It sure beats the usual kitschy flower beds, and photographers will love it.

Not to mention mosquitoes, of course.

Seoul Village 2011

* Not my idea of an energy drink either : drinking 2 liters of it every day for one year would be equivalent to 40% of an X-ray.

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