Sunday, December 27, 2015


Frankly, I didn't expect any breakthrough for this nth Japan-Korea meeting on the 'Comfort Women' issue.

It seems that this time, Japan is getting it right: the government takes responsibility, including for the payment of reparations (unlike the fund set up two decades ago).

In a nutshell:
- Japan apologizes, confirms the government and the military had a role in the Imperial Japan sexual slavery system, pay 1 bn yen in compensations
- Korea pledges to stop criticizing Japan on the issue. 
- both have made concessions to leave the political impasse and move on

Curious to read the fine print (particularly with Abe!*), and to see what forced Abe's hand, and how hardliners on both sides will try and spoil this beautiful day.

"Shinzoexpresses 'apology, repentance from heart' to 'comfort women' I need to check the wording ( "Yonhap: "(URGENT) Abe expresses 'apology, repentance from heart' to 'comfort women': Japan FM ""

I lived to see the day Nippon Kaigi member Fumio Kishida say "Japanese government acutely feels responsible"(
Yonhap: "(LEAD) S. Korea, Japan strike deal on 'comfort women'

Shinzo Abe's move on 'Comfort Women' reminds me of 's move on : let's see how this hardliner's 'concession' goes. (

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* remember his (in)famous statement last Summer: "Decoding the Abe Statement: "why apologize for crimes Japan never committed?"

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