Thursday, June 5, 2014

Next Stop 2017?

Korea posted its highest turnout in almost two decades for local elections. If the ruling Saenuri party managed to overcome the "Sewol effect"* in key battles (e.g. Incheon, Gyeonggi), the duel for Seoul proved even easier than expected for the incumbent.

In Seoul, conservatives lost 5 districts in 4 years. From blue districts to a Blue House?

(Seoul less blue than previously painted, but a confirmation: both parties get mixed results - see "No big loser or winner in elections" - Korea JoongAng Daily 20140606)

Nationwide, the East-West divide turned into a twisted Taegukgi
In Seoul, Saenuri lose Yongsan, but reclaim Jung-gu, and win Jungnang-gu
So among "South Korea's Super PAC" (Park-Ahn-Chung), Park Won-soon emerges as the winner of the day in the race for 2017 and the presidency: while he defeated Chung Mong-joon in a direct clash, Ahn Cheol-soo remained stuck in a NPAD alliance unable to mark clear progresses (the ex-independent already saw his approval rates plummet after he joined forces with the opposition).

On both sides, the perfect timing for new faces to emerge. If any. 


On a personal note, I was allowed to vote for the first time for the mayoral election as a Foreign resident (in 2011, I could for the referendum, not for the main show).

First, the leaflets -
Second, the procedures (in 2 languages for foreigners) -
Third, the results - cherchez la femme -

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* It seems that the ones who most benefited from the Sewol tragedy were the left-wing candidates for education chief (big win for Cho Hi-yeon in Seoul).

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