Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Stand for 2013 and Gyonam-dong

Only a few hours left for 2013, and for the old Seoul neighborhoods sacrificed for Dongnimmun New Town  (see "In memoriam Samdong Samgeori, Gyonam-dong").

About 70% have been destroyed, but last time I checked - here on Christmas Eve -, my beloved "Samdong Samgeori" was still standing. That's the last hanok before the final stop on the yellow 'supermarket' building:

I took this other shaky video from the other end of the street, up Songwol-dong. Water was sprayed to prevent dust from flying around, but it didn't prevent me and Seoul from choking...


... Enough grieving!

I wish you tons of love and happiness for 2014! That's all we need, and the best human ondol system:

Happy New Year! It will literally heat you up

Seoul Village 2013
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