Saturday, December 7, 2013

A stroll through Seoul, following in PARK Wan-suh's footsteps

Atelier des Cahiers, who published PARK Wan-suh's autobiographical novel "Who ate up all the shinga?" last year ("Hors les murs" in French*), had the wonderful idea** to produce this video in the footsteps of the author and her young alter-ago, where key places mentioned in the book are illustrated with excerpts and pictures from the Seoul of then and now.

A very pleasant stroll downtown (even if you don't understand French!), featuring so many familiar spots on the way from Seoul Station to Inwangsan via Hyeonjeo-dong, Sajik-dong, Pirun-dong, Seochon...:

You can also prolong this "promenade hors les murs" on the publisher's website:

"Promenade hors les murs - sur les pas de Pak Wan-seo" (with photos, maps and page numbers for reference)

We can even spot this old cablecar (which I hope won't return! see "No cablecars in Bukhansan, please"):

"Hors les murs" is now also available on Kindle format, along with PARK's "Trois jours en automne" ("Three days in that autumn"), and many other titles published by Atelier des Cahiers, among which:


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* "Hors les murs"
Auto-fiction by PAK Wan-seo, traduit du coreen par Helene Lebrun
Editions Atelier des Cahiers 2012 - Collection Littératures 

ISBN 978-2-9529286-8-7

** Reminder (and shameless self-promotion) - Atelier des Cahiers also had the wonderful idea to publish one of my fictions in the anthology "Impressions papier Hanji" (now also available for download in Kindle format, 10 short stories about Korea in French, by four female Korean authors and six male French authors):

Impressions Papier Hanji
Dix nouvelles franco-coréennes
Editions Atelier des Cahiers 2010 - Collection Littératures
ISBN 978-2-9529286-4-9 

. Alain ROBBE-GRILLET ("Mon double coréen")
. KIM Da-eun ("Madame")
. Antoine COPPOLA ("La véritable histoire de Li Jin et de son horrible sacrifice")
. CHOI Myeong-jeong ("Pojangmacha")
. Eric SZCZUREK ("La joueuse de Baduk")
. Stéphane MOT ("de Vermis Seoulis")
. KIM Ae-ran ("Le couteau de ma mère")
. François LAUT ("Jours d'après")
. EUN Hee-kyung ("La voleuse de fraises")
. Michel LOUYOT ("Le poète sans nom")

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