Sunday, September 8, 2013

A happy event to share? Call "Basketball Diplomacy" Inc.

Following the tradition started last February ("Dennis Rodman in North Korea (live feed)"), here's the live Tweeter feed of The Worm's second coming to DPRK.

By the way: I'm typing this post without my left index, stung by a caterpillar while I was gardening this morning - probably an agent sent by Pyongyang to prevent me from achieving this most vital mission (like Ali, they float like a butterfly, sting like a Bae). Two hours later, the pain has yet to subside.

G2 between and : rebel hairdo, rebel tattoos, white wine diplomacy via

: nothing to declare except cigars and wine from duty free. Couldn't bring (excess bagage).

At least solved the missile crisis (two cigars up in smoke)

- G2 Summit debriefing, courtesy Dennis - expletive - Rodman

what? traded to the Los Atomic Leakers? Got an ticket to Chicago for ?

Baby news, a US- basketball game... next stop for : Damascus?

A happy event to share? Call : .cigars provided by .public birth announcement by star

I'll keep you posted about Rodman's trip to Damascus: I can't wait to learn the name of Bashar's new pet canari, and to hear about the organization of a basketball game between the Cigaro Bulls and the Sarindiana Pacers.

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