Saturday, June 23, 2012

CHOI Min-shik's Children

Born a poor kid in rural Southeast Korea, the Master of Busan never forgot where he came from: when CHOI Min-shik* talks about himself, he often uses the words "this peasant".

Now 84, CHOI has spent decades learning from humans he met and photographed, recording a universal message of love and peace, exposing life in its blooming beauty as well as in its cruel sadness.

In the vein of his series "Humans" or "Women", "소년시대" echoes his days as a kid, through pictures of children who face a tough world, but sometimes manage to smile and to meet fellow humans who care.

CHOI Min-shik photo exhibition "Children" / 최민식 사진전 "소년시대"
Lotte Gallery (12F, Lotte Dept Store Main Branch in Jung-gu)
Tel +82.2.726.4428

Seoul Village 2012
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* not to be confused with CHOI Min-sik, the actor born in Seoul 50 years ago.

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