Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seoul Writers Workshop 2013 Anthology: Call for Submissions

Fellow wordsmiths, forge ahead!

Seoul Writers Workshop just set the deadline for this year's anthology, and you've got until August 15th to submit your texts.

Fiction, poetry, essay? It's up to you and right now, I haven't made up my own troubled mind... but that's somehow consistent with the theme: "Up/Down, Lost/Found".

Open and stimulating. Just like the previous theme (see last year's "Out of Place"*), and just like SWW itself, a friendly group where all writers feel at home.

Submissions are open to "English-language writers who have lived in Korea for any length of time since 2010. Current residency in Seoul or membership in Seoul Writers Workshop are not necessary." To which I'll add "membership in Seoul Writers Workshop" souldn't sound intimidating even to the shiest scribblers: joining is the easiest and most natural thing to do when you want to share.

By the way. I'd like to add a word or two about a fellow SWW member who recently moved back to the States, and who decided to share all the way about his own up/down, lost/found moments. Alex Clermont just published "Eating Kimchi and Nodding Politely: Stories About Love, Life, Death and Discover from an American in South Korea", a collection of texts written about and during his stay in Korea. And if you think that's just yet another travelogue from a Westerner in Seoul, you're in for a surprise. Yes, some background noises will sound familiar, but you want to listen to Alex's sincere, delicate, and powerful author's voice.

Seoul Writers Workshop
Call for Submissions 2013: Up/Down, Lost/Found
Deadline: August 15th
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*see also the previous edition (no theme): "Every Second Sunday".

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