Saturday, February 4, 2012


Following the tradition, we had an early lunch today: daeboreum (대보름) or the 'Great Full Moon' celebrates the first full moon of the new year - according to the lunar calendar -, and eating early brings good luck for the crops.

We had the classic set: miyeokguk (미역국 - seaweed soup), ogokbap (오곡밥 - rice cooked with grains and beans, plus chestnut for the occasion), and a selection of home-dried herbs and leaves, including my beloved* siraegi (시래기 - someday, if I manage to learn Korean correctly, I pledge to write a poem about it). Emptying the winter reserves of dried leaves is also part of the tradition, to make room for fresh productions.

But if most of the snow melted, we're not done with winter yet.

And make no mistake: of course, our reserves are also full of junk food.

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*see "Baek nyeon chueotang (Seoul)"

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