Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sampoong Sutbul Galbi (Seoul)

So long for new year resolutions: I'm starting 2012 with the carbon footprint of a Hummer.

Well. There are lighter ways to cure holiday excesses than marinated pork ribs on charcoal, but to add insult to injury the meat has been shipped, according to the menu's ballpark estimates, all the way from the States or Spain. I tried to check it out and to chat in Castilian with the animal, but the pulp only hissed back from the grill. Taste-wise, 'twas Korean galbi at its best.

Bonuses include bits of charcoaled ddeok, a rice or noodle dish (I tried both varieties of naengmyeon: a mean "bibim" and a pleasant "mul"), and a disarmingly kind staff.

Sampoong Sutbul Galbi can easily be reached from Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station (Lines 2-5, exit 4, go straigth to the Gu Office, that's the last building to the left), but I took a cab. End of the statement.

Sampoong Sutbul Galbi (Restaurant Sampoong) / 삼풍 숮불갈비

91-1 Dangsan-3-ga (Moonhwa Building 1F), Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, ROK
Tel +82.2.2634.3035
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