Monday, March 14, 2011

Shaken and stirred

I confess : the first time one of the Daiichi nuclear reactors coughed in Fukushima-ken, I selfishly checked which way winds were blowing over Japan and shamefully sighed with relief.

The Japanese built most of their nuclear facilities on their Eastern shores precisely because Earth rotations ensure dominant Western winds.

But the same can be said about Korea (except for Yeonggwang nuclear plant in Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do)... and China. So Koreans should more worry about Russian or Chinese nukes, not to mention their own.

By the way: even further afield Westwards, LEE Myung-bak is breaking ground today for the first Korean nuclear power plant in the United Arab Emirates.

Seoul Village 2011

ADDENDUM 20110321

Cesium 137 carried by the winds ? A governmental think tank confirmed yesterday, but that would be a recurrent issue with yellow dust winds from... China (told you so).
To follow official measurements in Korea, check IERnet (KINS info system) : or daily updates on Daum or Naver.
The French authority regularly makes a few models for the dispersion of radioactive materials across the globe :

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