Tuesday, November 9, 2010

G20 Seoul Summit 2010

The best thing about this 2010 G20 Summit ? The logo : a traditional Korean lantern with a modern twist : in motion, radiating positive energy from an almost Obamesque, red and blue sun. Dignified and smart.

Like for previous international events, all downtown buildings posted huge billboards celebrating a truly global company / country... but this time, we are mercifully spared the usual "models" (Park Ji-sung, Park Tae-hwan, Kim Yu-na, Yoo Name-it...). Even the companies themselves are sidelined, the real stars being the logo, and the city that's hosting The Group of Twenty summit.

Of course, this event confirms Seoul as a major business / convention venue, and Korea as a significant player between China and the US (remember : G20 = G2 + a few zeros). Of course, it also represents a major security challenge in the heart of a megalopolis. Of course, there is always the (slim) chance that something productive may come out of it, some kind of "Seoul Declaration" to join the pantheon of Yaltas, Bretton Woods, or other Kyotos...

But I'd like to remember this summit as a non-event. Business as usual for a city that, unlike say Pittsburgh, is used to climbing 8000m mountains, and doesn't need to boast about that kind of stuff anymore. Simply put, a member of the small club of major world capitals.

Seoul Village 2010

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