Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KOREA JoongAng Daily, IHT inside

As of October 18 and to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the English edition of JoongAng Ilbo is trying a rather bold move.

Basically, the winning receipe doesn't change : 12 pages of Korean news (JoongAng Daily), 3-4 times more of international news (International Herald Tribune).

The rebranding seems rather mild : JoongAng Daily simply becomes KOREA JOONGANG DAILY. Hardly a revolution, particularly since the US edition of JAD is already called "Korea Daily"... but the title appears now in full caps, which clearly confirms ambitions in brand strengthening :

The IHT presence in the logo is a must for loyal IHT readers, who could feel disturbed at their usual newsstands. Because here comes the boldest move.

The JAD used to be wrapped inside the IHT, almost like a local freebie for people who first bought an international newspaper, but now it's the opposite : the Korean newspaper will be on top, carrying the duo on its own shoulders.

Both moves mean a more frontal competition with older rivals Korea Times and Korea Herald, but also prove the group's ambitions : JoongAng Ilbo is confident in KOREA JOONGANG DAILY's chances of success, and probably well beyond the Korean borders. The leading publisher simply decided to act as a leader, and to give its main brand the international visibility it deserves.

Seoul Village 2010

UPDATE 20101018

I uploaded the new logo above. Note also the frame on each frontpage sampling the partner's headlines : "World News by International Herald Tribune" very visible on the KJD, and "KOREA JOONGANG DAILY" on the IHT.

UPDATE 20101031

Korea Times answers with this editorial stressing its long history... and own international ambitions : "Korea Times news exported worldwide".

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