Monday, September 6, 2010

Hi Seoul Festival

Postponed last may, the Hi Seoul Festival is eventually back. On a lower key than the previous editions (probably a consequence of local elections), but at the same time more open and lively : about 70 non verbal performing groups will animate Seoul for a whole week, giving 200 shows with a focus on Hangang Parks and Gwanghwamun.

The concept of this edition, "Motion in Seoul, Emotion in Seoul", makes sure people from all horizons can enjoy all events, even if they don't speak Korean.

Note that "non Verbal" doesn't necessarily mean "silent" : fireworks will ignite the festival and let all Seoulites know something is cooking. By the way, "Nanta" / "Cooking" will be there (along with other such star non verbal shows as "Jump").

On the other hand, "non verbal" and "motion" doesn't necessarily mean "banging on bongos / chopping boards / you name it". If you're really into that, don't miss the 2010 Seoul Drum Festival (September 24 to 30 - Seoul Forest, Dream Forest, Sowol Art Hall).

Hi Seoul Festival : October 2 to 10 (fireworks : October 1)
More about the event : / Tel 1688-0120. Organizers : SFAC

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