Thursday, August 12, 2010

The strange case of Dr Andre KIM and Mr KIM Bong-nam

Kim Bong-nam passed away a few days before turning 75, pneumonia eventually claiming "victory" over cancer.

Andre KIM, Korea's most famous fashion designer, became really popular only a few years ago, when he was forced to give his real name during a testimony, crying over the shame. Many Koreans discovered a human being behind the almost cartoonish character : whatever the circumstances, Andre KIM always donned a white costume and a smiling face, capped with black eyeliner and the weirdest calvitia cover up ever imagined.

KIM was not exactly into minimalism : to sum up his style (easily recognizable be it on a dress, a bicycle, or a fridge - to name only a few items he put his label on), consider that Michael Jackson once asked him to become his private designer... Actually, I couldn't help but think about Wacko Jacko each time I saw Andre : two overgrown and troubled kids refusing to age, and combining an extravagant style with a maladive shyness. This on-stage / back-stage contrast is relatively common in the entertainment industry, but on the few occasions I met KIM, his case seemed quite severe.

His heritage belongs to Korea : a poor country growing rich and confident, daring joy and extraversion even while working as hard as hard can be.

With Andre KIM, Korea lost more than a famous designer : its actual King of Pop.

Seoul Village 2010

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