Monday, July 5, 2010

Seoul Global Business Support Center

The Seoul Global Center recently opened its Seoul Global Business Support Center, a business gateway in a business hub (see "Find a name for SGC's new business center in COEX").

Beyond the COEX, a major exhibition / transport / trade / commercial center, Gangnam-gu boasts over 2,000 Foreign businesses, big and small. This new gateway, which also hosts 3 Foreign start-ups in an original incubation system, reaches for all Foreign businesspeople interested in Seoul, following the founding principles of the SGC : one-stop, free of charge services to help people enjoy a fuller life, but also to get their constant feedback on what could be done to improve business and daily life in the capital city.

Entrepreneurs can contact the center for free consultations, but also to get to know each other, share, suggest, create future opportunities.

Seoul Village 2010

Seoul Global Business Support Center :
How to get there : take the escalator up leading from Hall A on the first floor of the COEX to the second floor. The center is located at the east end of the Trade Mart (towards the east gate of COEX) on the 2nd floor of the COEX.

Business Hours : Monday to Friday 09:00~18:00
Contacts :
. Director of the Center - Tel: 02-6001-7243
. Consultations in English - Tel: 02-6001-7242
. Consultations in Chinese - Tel: 02-6001-7241
. Consultations in Japanese - Tel: 02-6001-7240
. Website :
. Seoul Global Center :

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