Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twice red-faced, after hours

This morning, my neighborhood rooster sang something closer to "go Korea" than to the French National Anthem. He probably caught the rythm during the night : the World Cup gathering at Seoul Plaza was as loud as expected.

Relieved from the shame of watching my fellow citizens reaching the bottom and digging even further with their bare hands (please, President Elect Laurent Blanc, tell me 'change is coming'), I managed to sleep a little bit between the merciful elimination of Les Bleus and the lucky yet logical qualification of the Taeguk Warriors.

It's great to have two national teams to support : like 1994 and 2002, 2010 is a red-face edition for France but a red-devil year for Korea*.

Frankly, I expected either Nigeria or Cameroon to reach the semis or even the final this year, but both wasted their great potentials. A classic for Nigerians in World Cups I'm afraid. Koreans deserved finishing ahead because they played their game and made much fewer mistakes... except of course for the non-game against Argentina.

Even if they only managed to draw against les petits Bleus, Uruguayans will be a tough cookie to crack. And they certainly won't forget to put someone on the far post on free kicks or corners.

Relieved from the "16 강" pressure, I hope Park & co will give it all, have no regrets whatever the result. And that on monday morning, the rooster will wake me to the tune of "saturday night fever".

Seoul Village 2010

* note that both 1998 and 2006 were red-card years for Zidane.

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