Monday, May 31, 2010

Smoke free Korea winning ground

Koreans have considerably reduced their consumption of cigarettes over last decade.

After a relapse in 2008, new sets of legislations were passed last year : non smoking areas were extended to 16 major streets and plazas in Seoul (ie Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul Plaza), and in restaurants where it was still tolerated, smoking got restricted to specific sections.

I just learned that smoking will be forbidden in more public areas : bus stops, public parks, and within a 200 m range around school entrances (often "green food zones" where junk food distribution is forbidden).

But I shouldn't use such words as "forbidden" or "restrictions" : this is all about liberating more room for fresh air.

And no, I won't mention "well being" either. I don't smoke, but certain buzzwords tend to make me steam with allergy.

Seoul Village 2010

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  1. The no smoking around schools makes me laugh. At my last public school the Principal would walk around the playground happily smoking. Good luck Korea!

    No smoking takes more than just restrictions but campaigns to condition peoples minds to stop or be respectful to others.


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