Friday, May 7, 2010

Friendship Fair

I confess : this is definitely one of my favorite Seoul festivals. So this week-end, I'll be strolling downtown, enjoying food from 56 countries, zapping from one booth to the other. An Uzbek entree ? A Mexican snack ? An Hungarian cabbage ? A Turkish ice cream ? I've got two days to try whichever combo I fancy.

Even if the May 2010 Hi Seoul Festival has been postponed to this Autumn, the 15th Friendship Fair will be held this Saturday and Sunday (8-9 May from 13:00 to 19:00), simultaneously and in the same area as the
2010 Information Fair.

This year again, the party is centered on Mugyo-dong, Jung-gu, with extensions to Cheonggyecheon (North) and Seoul Plaza (South).

Yeah yeah, there's also food for your eyes and ears : beyond the joyful atmosphere (in very deed, friendship radiates on all faces), you can enjoy cultural events, performances from 17 foreign troupes (Seoul sister cities like Moscow or Bangkok), and even a clash of titans between Korean B-Boys and traditional dancers.

But don't count on me for the belly dance.

Seoul Village 2010

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