Friday, April 2, 2010

u-Shelters : smart bus stops in Seoul

Seoul city is considering extending the concept of bus stops it tested in four stations between Jongno-1-ga and Jongno-4-ga*.

Dubbed u-Shelter (always that "ubiquitous" fad, as if shelters could move), the new station has sensors, a screen, a camera, and wireless connectivity :

So while waiting, you can enjoy weather / air quality** / traffic news and forecasts, as well as local-based contents and services :

The city seems fond of a technology also implemented on Cheonggyecheon Square : thanks to a webcam, visitors can take their own pictures and e-mail them across the world.

Another concept has been implemented in front of the old Seoul Station (still under renovation) : the glass walls protecting the station are used as screens displaying animations and weather infos.

Seoul Village 2010

* "
Smart bus stops in Seoul"

** see also "Clean air @ Seoul"

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