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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rodin Retrospective in Seoul

When you visit Musee Rodin in Paris, the building and gardens are part of the experience, and sculptures look even more alive under natural light.

For this Rodin Retrospective in partnership with Musee Rodin, I don't know if SeMA exhibition rooms will let the sunlight play a role (they usually don't), but a walk in the area is always a pleasure, particularly in this season.

And anyway, the collections do cast an interesting light on Auguste Rodin's work, with studies of such monumental works as the Gates of Hell, the Bourgeois de Calais, or Balzac's portrait. Camille Claudel is also invited, along with dancers, the kiss, and the Hand of God :

Furthermore, you can also visit after dark :

* Rodin Retrospective
April 30 - August 22, 2010
SeMA / Seoul Museum of Art (Seosomun branch - Jung-gu)
Closed on Mondays - 10h-20h on Sundays and Holidays - 10-21h Tue-Sat
Tel +82-1577-8968 - website:

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