Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ICN Volcano Resort

Already regularly praised as a world leading airport for its quality of service, Incheon Airport coped remarkably well with traffic disruptions due to the icelandic volcano.

With the help of seven embassies, it took great care of 250 European passengers who couldn't travel back home : free food and beverage coupons, entertainment, comprehensive healthcare, and even massages... our Robinsons could definitely have landed in a less welcoming island, and many were moved by the effort, particularly after watching news of the madness reigning in all airports worldwide.

No airport could be held responsible for what happened, but this one surely acted responsibly.

And wisely : it probably gained 250 new embassadors, who will share their very positive opinion on Korean hospitality whenever they experience discomfort on the go.

Seoul Village 2010

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