Monday, April 5, 2010

Red carpet for the World Cup

Seoul is bracing for the 2010 FIFA World Cup with Seoul Plaza as the usual main gathering ground, and Cheonggyecheon Square a pleasant and potentially more refreshing sidekick.

For those who were in Seoul back in 2002, it probably won't feel like the first time (how could it ?), but it should be quite something. So check your calendars for the Group B games (NB: kick-off time in South Africa) :
June 12 (13h30) : Korea - Greece
June 17 (13h30) : Argentina - Korea
June 22 (20h30) : Nigeria - Korea

If Korea beats Greece in its first game, expect a very hot night on June 22. But the attraction will also come from Group G, and I'm sure Seoulites will also closely follow the Chollima, North Korea's national team :
June 15 (20h30) : Brazil - DPRK
June 21 (13h30) : Portugal - DPRK
June 25 (16h00) : DPRK - Cote d'Ivoire

I don't think both Koreas will meet this year : that would be in the semi-finals, and mean both teams survived particularly lethal groups... No can do ?

Seoul Village 2010

UPDATE 20100609 : "Be the Reds, but not too red ?"

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