Monday, March 22, 2010

Civil-service satisfaction keeps rising in Seoul

Seoul Metropolitan Government recently released the results of its survey "Satisfaction Level for Civil Services in 2009", exposing improvements in all areas, and a general level of satisfaction of 78.2% (+4 pts vs 2008) :

Not only are Seoul city servants working harder on citizen satisfaction : the population is much more aware of the considerable effort. Information on civil affairs, accessibility and convenience gained a lot over last year, and the new 365/24/7 "120 Dasan Call Center" services for foreigners (see
SGC / SMG services) mirrors that trend within the international community.

Among the priorities spotted by SMG : services to women (44.2 in 2007, 52.8 in 2008, 53.9 in 2009). If satisfaction keeps improving, it remains low. The spectacular gains of 2008 were not reproduced because of the general economic slump, which left even bigger dents in female employment.

2010 being a municipal election year, expect more gains in awareness for next year's survey.

Seoul Village 2010

* "
Seoul rated best in civil-service satisfaction for 3rd straight year" (20100322 Seoul Metropolitan Government)

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