Thursday, March 11, 2010

Business Start-Up Education Program - Seoul Global Center

You are a Foreigner residing in Seoul and you want to set up a business in Korea ? The Seoul Global Center is launching a "Business Start-Up Education Program" for you. Free of charge... provided of course your application is selected (20 participants), and submitted on time (only a few days left !).

=> Download the application form.
=> Download the program (see also below)

The Basics course (first term - total 23 hours, see details below) will be held between March 22nd and April 1st, 2010 :
• Participants: Foreigners who reside in Seoul
• Participation Fee: Free of charge
• Application period: March 10 to March 19, 2010
• Application method: After filling out the
application form, please send an e-mail (
• Selection process: Submission of application and screening
• Location: SGC seminar room (5th Floor, Press Center)

And if you are not ready yet to set up your own business, remember that the SGC also provides a job marketplace
on its website.

Seoul Village 2010

* Basics Course Program at a glance

March 22
18:30 ~ 19:30 Orientation Overview of the Business Start-up Education & Business services of SGC
19:30 ~ 21:30 Korean business culture Korean business culture
March 23
18:30 ~ 20:30 Evaluating business potential & finding business ideas Select business items and details
March 24
18:30 ~ 20:30 Establishment How to register a business
March 25
18:30 ~ 21:30 Business plan preparation Business plan preparation
March 27
13:00 ~ 15:00 Location & premises Business location / Location analysis
15:00 ~ 18:00 HR Hiring/ 4 kinds of insurance / Labor Standards Act/management
March 29
18:30 ~ 20:30 Legal requirements Business contracts
March 30
18:30 ~ 20:30 Tax & accounting VAT, income tax, corp. tax, acquisition tax
March 31
18:30 ~ 20:30 Obtaining finance Government's SME's support/preliminary expenses support/how to get help from the allied organizations
April 1
18:30 ~ 20:30 Licenses & permits Copyright and license/Intellectual property rights, different types of business requirements

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