Monday, November 23, 2009

Bo Chun (Seoul)

I used to live in Dongu Ichon-dong in the early 90s. If some parts of main street Ichon-dong-gil didn't change, appartment blocks now form an almost continuous canyon. The small police station I could see from my bedroom, across the street, is still there... but behind it, Namsan and its tower are nowhere to be seen. Same story for my bedroom, the house around it, and all buildings around the house.

Each time I'm back I have this weird feeling of dreaming this strange dream : it's the same place and a completely different one, with elements of camouflage to fill the blanks...

But today I came here awake, to fill my stomach.

Since the best Japanese restaurant, by the tunnel at the end of the street, was not accepting any more customers, I landed in this special time warp of a place where they serve udong, dopbab, and a gimbap tasting like a stroll by the seashore.

A quiet atmosphere (after 2 p.m. at least), a decor belonging to a different time and space, simple food, true to the genre... I came out full, peaceful, and grateful.

Bo Chun (restaurant)
Ichon-dong-gil, Hyundai Apt 11,
Ichon-1 dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, ROK
Tel : +82.2.795.87.30

Seoul Village 2009

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