Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seoul Fringe Festival

Indy Seoul generally meets at Hongdae. Less "theatrical" than Daehangno, less "cute" than Idae, this university area is less prone to follow trends than to shape them. Students like to design their own look from head to toes, without going too far : it shouldn't appear too staged.

Some do their own art, some their own music, and sometimes that music can become art.

That's where the Seoul Fringe Festival steps in. For its 12th edition, it decided to extend pervasively with the complicity of performers, and I would say this BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue) concept refreshes parts other festivals cannot reach.

Any material can be recycled, and the party will mix with
Seoul Open Night on Saturday the 22nd.

Seoul Fringe Festival 2009
From August 13th to 29th
Telephone: +82.02.325.8150
seoulfringefestival.net (full program and map of events)

Seoul Village 2009

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